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This article is a subsection of a larger article “INITIAL POOL STAKE OFFERING IN CARDANO: a critical overview”


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Occam-Fi — Sent for review, no reply

My comments on this ISPO will be brief, since I only joined in recently. I was aware of it since launch, but I was unable to get information on the rewards or the overall distribution method. Initially, the webpage provided little help, only mentioning the pools for delegation. On telegram nobody was able to provide more details. I tried later, on a different occasion, and failed again. The ISPO has been successful, with a respectable delegation, but I don’t jump into projects with that little information available. Their channel can be hectic due to the multiple products offered by OCCAM-Fi, and maybe I just didn’t try hard enough, but I found the lack of information striking.

Recently, I checked their webpage again and found a rewards dashboard and this time I was able to get a moderator to answer my questions on telegram. This is a straightforward variable rewards ISPO, distributing roughly 137,000 tokens per epoch through the stake delegated. The visuals of the dashboard are great, but the rewards calculator only shows total delegation and rewards without an epoch breakdown. A positive aspect is its transparency, showing the rewards accrued by all addresses (cropped for safety).

Figure 9. Percentage of total supply earned per epoch with 1M ADA staked. The variation in the reward rate is owed to pool saturation, since the rewards distributed per epoch are fixed.

It took over six months of closely following ISPO’s to put this together and ultimately for the benefit of the whole Cardano community. Please contribute.