1. This is not financial advice. I have no training whatsoever in the finance sector and I am in no way or capacity a licensed financial advisor.

Metadex — reviewed by bobthebob

Metadex is a free ISPO, that for a long time had a very low variable fee (1%) and that was only recently raised to 5%. Like many other aspects in the project, this change was subject to vote by the delegators of the ISPO, which are currently helping to shape the scheme for the vesting of the ISPO’s rewards, as well as the private sale to delegators and the public sale. Even though most projects seem to incorporate the feedback from their delegators, the governance that I am observing in Metadex seems to be on a different level.

Figure 4. Percentage of total supply earned per epoch with 1M ADA staked. The variation in the reward rate is owed to pool saturation, since the rewards distributed per epoch are fixed (570,000).



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