1. This is not financial advice. I have no training whatsoever in the finance sector and I am in no way or capacity a licensed financial advisor.

Maladex — reviewed by Maxpwr

Ladies and gentlemen, the crown jewel of the unique approaches. The timeline on the start of this ISPO is fuzzy, but I recall that Maladex decided to reward early delegators to their pools, even before the official launch of the ISPO. Unquestionably generous. Despite the complicated formula, the reward calculator failed to accommodate the fast growth of stake delegated to the pool, leading to very low reward rates for E296–300. The rates had to be manually brushed up (the 5x increase), partly based on data provided by some.ONE. who alerted the team to the outflowing stake owing to the unexpected low rewards. No big deal, as the team was sensible and acted swiftly to reassure the delegators that rewards would be tweaked. However, it shows the importance of having a working reward calculator from the start, so that there aren’t any bad surprises.

Figure 6. Percentage of total supply earned per epoch with 1M ADA staked in the pools with 5% and 99% variable fees. The rates shown here are averages of several wallets and the variation in the reward rates is due to pool saturation in combination with stake moving between pools. Hence, these rates are also a product of my personal choices. I am only showing data since I started participating in the ISPO, the reward rate in previous epochs was likely much higher.



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