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AnetaBTC — reviewed by Frosty

The project brings its delegators a very distinct model. ISPO’s are mutating, and fast! Don’t take current models for granted! In their innovative take on the ISPO model, the team will only keep 10% of the staking rewards (research and development), injecting the other 90% in a community-owned fund composed of BTC (35%), ADA (15%), assets from partnering DEX’s (45%) and NETA/cNETA (10%). The fund will then be used to earn yield by providing liquidity in the partnering DEX’s (Minswap, ErgoDex and KyberSwap). Most of the revenue (70%) will be reinvested in the community-owned fund, while the remainder (30%) will be distributed to NETA/cNETA holders.

Figure 16. Percentage of total supply earned per epoch with 1M ADA staked. Baseline rewards and 2-month bonus (7x).



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